Create A Free Printable Resume

by hwrjoel Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We often get questions from users coming to our site for the first asking, "can I really create a free printable resume on your site?".  We are continuously surprised by how many users find our site after getting burned by another resume builder site.  Most will allow you to create most or all of your resume before they break the news that you will need to pay in order to actually use the resume you've worked so hard on.  Many times, this involves signing up for a subscription payment. 

To be completely clear, on our site you can create a free printable resume that is downloadable in TXT or HTML format at no cost to you.  You do have the option to purchase additional features instantly for a ridiculously low one-time fee, but it is not required in order to get a great useable resume.  And THAT is why we are the leading resume builder on the Net.

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