Resume Profiles: Elements of a Great Resume Profile

by hwrjoel Monday, February 13, 2012

A resume profile is much like a resume objective in that it is a short statement that serves to grab the reader's attention and suck them in to read your resume.  However, while the objective serves to explain what your goals are in applying for the job, a resume profile (or headline as we call it) is focused on the employer.

A good profile statement explains the benefits of hiring you.  What will the company get out of choosing you for this position?  Resume profiles are considered more effective than standard resume objectives because they immediately summarize what the reader is trying to get from your resume: how will they benefit from hiring you?

The headline/profile is a critical part of the resume.  If you have a bad resume profile statement, the employer may never actually read the rest of your resume.  Conversely, a great profile will suck the reader in and compel them to read all about you - and I can assure you that if the employer doesn't read your entire resume, you won't be getting called for an interview.

The resume profile is entered on the Headline step of our free online resume builder.  If you are having difficulty coming up with the correct words for your resume profile, be sure to click the "Use A Template" button to access lots of great proven profile statements.  Choose one that gives just the right feel for you, then with a few clicks, edit it to fit your situation exactly.

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