If you’re not a professional resume writer you may find that you need a professional resume service to craft a resume and cover letter that will get you that all important interview. For all but the most menial unskilled or semi-skilled or part time positions a resume service is a handy tool at your disposal.

Why A Resume Writing Service?

Every time you apply for a position by submitting your resume you are competing against dozens, and probably hundreds of other job candidates. Many of these will have used a resume service to craft a top-notch resume that stands out among the rest. Not only must it be well written, and well laid out, it must be carefully scrutinized by an objective eye for any mistakes, any inconsistency or gap in time.

It’s not enough to have a complete, well-written, attractive resume. You need a resume service that can make yours an outstanding resume and cover letter.

What A Resume Writing Service Can Offer

A quality resume service offers many services beyond writing the resume. A typical resume service will offer more than one expert resume writer to oversee your resume and cover letter.

The resume service will print several laser quality hard copies of your resume on premium bond paper. It will provide storage of your document, sometimes for your lifetime. It will offer to save your resume and cover letter on disk and e-mail it to you. It may also offer to post the resume to dozens of top career sites that accept resumes at no charge.  You may find a resume service that gives you helpful job and career search help such as salary surveys and other job search tips.

A few resume service firms even offer your choice of several templates to craft a professional thank you letter to the employer or employers that invite you for an interview.

Why is it important that you use a resume service to get your best resume in front of employers? Answering that would best be done by explaining the key points of having a resume in the first place.

A resume service knows that a resume must do three distinct things for you. It must convey and image of you that is positive and professional and it must do so to the potential employer in fewer than five seconds. It must also highlight how you and your skills can fill the employer’s work needs better than any other job candidate. A resume service also knows that your resume must be compelling, urging the employer to get in touch with you to invite you to a job interview.

A competent resume service knows how to accomplish these things in the resume. The resume service knows to include the skills that the employer is going to need in the successful job candidate. The resume service knows how to communicate well. The resume service is also staffed by those who know how to organize a resume and keep it factual and unique.

A competent resume service also realizes that sending off a job application with a poorly written resume is tantamount to showing up for a job interview in slovenly attire.