Your nurse resume will be welcome in just about every city in every state in the U.S. If your nurse resume shows licensure or certification and the necessary training you can find a good job just about anywhere, what with the critical and ongoing nursing shortage.

The only question is whether an employer sees your nurse resume. For that you can turn to the largest national job sites to add your nurse resume to the list of thousands of others floating around out there. Or you can turn instead to the specialized nursing niche sites that narrow down the nurse resume database considerably and make your nurse resume more competitive and in front of the very recruiters you need to have see it.

There are a number of nurse sites that offer to add your nurse resume to their database at no charge, in addition to their free job search for nursing positions.

At one site we perused you first choose your state, or the state in which you wish to hunt for a nursing position. Then you will find four different ways to present your nurse resume to employers. If your nurse resume is stored on your computer you can upload it to the site intact. You can also post it by writing it from scratch on the site itself or doing a cut and paste of a word processing document. This site also has a built in nurse resume template to build your resume with the guidance of nurse recruiters.

Once your nurse resume is posted to the site, you can manage it with edits as your contact information, education, objectives or work history changes.

What’s also great about this nursing site is not only the nurse resume posting opportunities but its link to the various nurse recruiting sites. Once you indicate your choice of state the home page of the state will not only offer your nurse resume posting but also links to the various nurse niche sites in the many cities of that state.

For example, we took a look at the opportunities in the state of Texas. After posting a nurse resume we decided to peruse other job sites in the various locales in Texas. The home page of Texas indicates that there are two good size medical facilities hot linked to the site, with nursing opportunities and recruiters looking for the right nurse resume. Three medical centers in Dallas are recruiting nurses as well. Houston offers nursing jobs at five major health care facilities and both San Antonio and Waco have two hyperlinked facilities whose nurse recruiters are searching the nurse resume database to fill open positions.

The site’s helpful nurse resume builder is a cinch to help you create a professional and impressive nurse resume. It walks you right through all the important nurse resume fields, starting by asking you to first choose a user ID, password and note your e-mail address. Next you indicate the location in which you’d like to work and where you want your nurse resume to be seen. You are also asked to indicate your desired salary, although here you can indicate “open” or “negotiable” rather than stating a money figure. After contact information you are prompted to write your objective and goals, your work experience, your education and certification.

This nurse resume site and its helpful resume builder can aid considerably in your job hunt.