Like most rules, the one about to be presented does have its exceptions. Some employers want to see a laundry list of everything you’ve ever done. They want to know every detail of every project you’ve ever worked on and for whom, and hopefully you know enough to know who these employers are and provide them what they want. But for the rest of the employers out there in the world today, quite often a short, one page resume is going to be the one that gets the most attention.

There are several reasons for the growing popularity of the one page resume. In today’s job market no one is going to hire you based on the merits of a resume alone. The resume is just an employer’s first tool in deciding if you are qualified enough to move on to the interview stage. So keep in mind that you are using the resume just to open doors, not win battles. Employers look at so many resumes that they have no desire to spend hours wading through three page resumes.

Confidence in your resume

A one page resume gives an air of confidence to a job application. It says that you have done more work than could fit on there, but rather than boring an employer with that long list, you are confident enough that what you have listed will get you in that front door. When people feel the need to list every single change in position they have ever had since high school, it tends to give off hints of panic or insecurity. Also when people list reams of special skills or qualifications, it seems like they haven’t done their homework. It doesn’t seem relevant that you have tile laying experience if you’re applying for an IT position. Including this sort of thing in a job application makes it seem like you didn’t care about getting the job enough to really research the position and decide what was relevant about yourself in qualifying for it.

And there is the key. Relevance. Employers would like you to decide what is relevant in your life to the position they have available. If you have a good enough answer to that question in the form of your resume, you will probably get that interview. Be confident in your resume, and in yourself. Just keep it simple and let it do the work for you.

*NOTE: Our free resume builder has some great features that allow you to easily format your resume down to one page.