n executive resume is considerably different than any other type of resume in several distinct ways. The first is that it is generally longer. It is as well far more detailed. A good and thorough executive resume can run four or more pages in contrast to the standard non-managerial resume, which is suggested to be no longer than one page.

An executive resume and executive job search will take more work and more time than any other resume writing or job search. It will cost more as well. A good executive resume-writing firm will charge you several hundred dollars to compose your executive resume. This is because of the hours the firm and its executive resume writing and research time will have to spend gathering the information and putting it into a detailed and impressive, organized format for you.

Gathering Information For Your Executive Resume

While the ideal method of gathering the information necessary for a top-notch executive resume is a telephone or face-to-face interview, much time may also be spent talking to the executive resume writing team by e-mail. Some services have prepared and formatted their own expansive career questionnaire. What’s frequently interesting about going through the executive resume process is that it reminds the job candidate herself or himself of skills, experience, credentials and even applicable volunteer opportunities that he or she may well have forgotten or not realized as pertinent had the candidate prepared the executive resume on their own. 

That’s probably the number one benefit of using an executive resume service rather than preparing your own resume. These people are professionals and objective. They know what to ask to bring out your best and most pertinent skills and qualifications and they know how to put them in the best light and the right order. They also know how to downplay anyway weaknesses or work gaps.

Not all the firms that offer resume-writing services are equipped or trained to write an executive resume. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that most are not. 
The “meat” of any executive resume must be supported by documentation such as case studies or examples of where the job candidate has helped the firm grow and delivered bottom line successes. An executive resume’s length is not an issue. Firms hire committees to conduct executive searches and spend hundreds of dollars and many hours finding the right executive candidates. Reading lengthy executive resume details is part of this process.

Executive Resume Focus

An executive resume must highlight the job candidate’s contribution to productivity, to profits, and to operational growth and development for the firms with which the candidate has been association. A crucial part of an executive resume is the detailed exemplification of the candidate’s innovation and progressive business thinking.

A candidate must exemplify, in the executive resume, that she or he has performed flexibly, with above average work quality in a number of varied environments. 

A good executive resume writing company offers certified career counselors or coaches, and membership in affiliated professional resume writing and career groups.  Services typically include cover letter as well as executive resume writing, biographical construction, online distribution of the executive resume and career marketing and coaching services.

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