Top 5 Resume Builder Features at How To Write A Resume .NET

Resume Builder Feature 1: Auto Formatting

Automatically Format Your Resume

We've got you covered, so forget about spending hours in Word tweaking tables and fonts trying to make your resume look professional. Simply click on a template to see your information instantly reformatted.

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Resume Builder Feature 2: Phrase Builder

Easily Find Just The Right Words

It's never been easier to create compelling copy that sells your skills. Simply point and click and fill in the blanks of the predefined templates and the most difficult parts of writing a resume are done!

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Resume Builder Feature 3: Step By Step Instructions

A Great Resume in Six Easy Steps

Simply step through the interview process and fill in the blanks. Not sure how to fill in a field? You'll find tips each step of the way that provide expert advice on how to complete each open field.

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Resume Builder Feature 4: Easy Formatting

Word Processors Are *SO* 2002!

Change the font and margins and preview the changes instantly before printing or saving. No other resume builder makes it easier to turn your information into a great looking resume.

Most HR experts agree that in almost all cases you should try to keep your resume to one single page. Use the font face, sizing and margin tools to quickly resize your resume to fit perfectly on one page. No need for Microsoft Office or any other word processor!

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Job Search

Did We Mention We've Got Jobs, Too?

There are two important steps to getting a great job - writing a great resume, and finding great jobs to apply for. That's why we've placed our own local job search engine right at the end of the process. Our search engine, powered by, scours hundreds of top job boards and employment websites everyday so you don't have to!

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So there's nothing to lose by creating a free account today. All paid features are clearly marked as such and there is no obligation. The worst thing that can happen is you end up with a great free resume from the #1 online resume builder -

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